Real Estate Mentorship – Why Bother?

Real Estate Mentorship – Why Bother?

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private money lenders real estateReal Estate Mentorship – Why Bother?

At Sonny Side Property Solutions, we will be the first ones to admit that we don’t know everything. It may seem like we do the same deal or transaction every time, but each property has the potential to be troublesome in it’s own unique way. We have had to deal with squatters, fleas, vindictive past tenants and slow contracting/permitting before. Whatever the challenge, we readily jump at the project and tackle it with the experience and education that we have knowing that any unknowns that we encounter we can figure out through our mentors. Besides, there is no better teacher than experience!

There are many mentor programs in existence and each has their own merits. They are often called scams because so many people want a get rich quick plan and they aren’t willing to put in the hard work and perseverance that is required in order to succeed. Mentor programs are meant to show you the path, not pull you down it. The work still has to get done by people like us that use mentors for outside expertise. Mentors are NOT going to do the work for you and that is where most people will bail out on them and quit.

We love our mentors and actively look for others that we can learn from on a regular basis! We still go to the conferences where mentor programs advertise their services that teach you how to become an investor. We want to see what they have to offer and if it is unique or better than what we already use. We also go to meet people and network because those relationships can become so valuable.

Our own mentors have mentors of their own too! So many of those self-help and motivational videos proclaim the power of mentors and why it is so important that we have mentors to highlight the path for us. Alone, we could reach the same end goal, but not without much larger mistakes and at higher costs. We always keep someone a phone call away for when we need questions answered that we don’t know the answer for.

Who is your mentor? You may know some of the big names in real estate mentoring programs like Dean Cain’s National Real Estate Network, Than Merrill’s Fortune Builders or Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Education Mentoring. Another that isn’t real estate specific is Tony Robbins Life Coaching. There are so many and they should all look at where you are, where you want to go and what steps need to be taken to get there. Grant Cardone talks about such items as well and how hard work, determination and massive effort can help achieve goals that we set.

Look into finding a mentor or coach! Not many (if any) people find massive success by working alone and one of the surest ways to succeed is to tread down a similar path as someone who has what you want. You path still needs to be unique in your own way, but the basics can be the same. We watched The House with a Clock in Its Walls and in it, Jack Black is training his apprentice on how to become a warlock. He said that he can put all the books and instructions in front of him, but it isn’t enough. That extra 1% that comes from the student (you and me) that is unique to us and comes from our heart is necessary to fully achieve success. That is our skin in the game; the hard work that we have to commit to that our mentors can’t and won’t do.

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