Navarre Beach Homes for Sale by Owner – Buying and Selling Island Property

Navarre Beach Homes for Sale by Owner – Buying and Selling Island Property

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Selling Your House on Your Own

Navarre Beach Homes For Sale By Owner – Island Real Estate

Given our location as a business, we are always interested in Navarre Beach homes for sale by owner (FSBO). Some of these homes are quite nice! Such houses can find buyers rather quickly (by FSBO standards) and reduce the costs of the purchase by bypassing a listing agent and commissions. Granted, the price does have to be right so that people will actually want to see the property. The amount of showings is a good indication of whether it is priced right or not.

Other houses that are listed as FSBO are done so because of lending, or more specifically, the lack of lending. Navarre Beach homes for sale by owner that interest us as investors fall into this category because they will need work and won’t qualify for a loan. These FSBO properties lack the ability to get institutional funding, so investors like us are essential for buying such properties and returning them to the market in good (lendable) condition.

These dilapidated houses could be listed, but sometimes they aren’t. Either way, an investor with cash, capital or access to it will come in and buy the houses that need fixed. That could be as little as a small remodel/rehab to a full gut job.

Lenders have criteria that they will use for committing funds to a loan, so our job as investors is to make sure that the houses that we rehab are in the position to qualify for such loans. The VA is the most lenient, but they will still have requirements for lending. Our job as investors is to meet the banking criteria and make any property we rehab the nicest on the block!

Our focus for this blog post is Navarre Beach because of the appeal and demand for island living in Florida. Look up any listed property or any house on the island and you will find all sorts of promotions in regards to water access, water view and anything else watery. The appeal is there along with a hefty price tag sometimes.

One thing we learned recently is that the VA is now funding on the leasehold land of Navarre Island. Some listings brag about this and proudly say that VA funding is approved, which is awesome for so many veterans and military members. And we have a lot!

Navarre Beach homes for sale by owner

As investors active in the Navarre and Navarre Beach market, we keep our ears perked to what is available as far as off market properties. We have buyers that are looking to buy on Navarre Beach but haven’t found that perfect house just yet. If you are looking to sell your Navarre Beach home and it needs work (or doesn’t), get in touch with us and we will connect you with our buyers.

If you are looking to buy a home on Navarre Beach, give us your contact information and we will get in contact with you. We are always looking to connect buyers with sellers as well as buy properties that need work and rehab them. We work for you after all!

Contact us!

Sonny Side Property Solutions is here to help everyone with their real estate needs. Our offers have to make sense, first and foremost, to the owner. Homeowners are priority number one because they have the problem that needs solved. And investors are good problem solvers! 

Feel free to reach out to us for anything, whether it is a general question, to inquire about selling a property, to inquire about buying a property or anything else. We are here to serve the community and provide real estate solutions for any situation and have a national network of investors on our team that we use for many situations.

You can reach us by phone at (850) 710-0710 or by email at

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