Good people, I missed my introduction! Who We Are!

Good people, I missed my introduction! Who We Are!

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Good people, I missed my introduction!

It wasn’t long ago that I watched A Knight’s Tale again and it gave me an idea for introducing our business in a new light. Think of it as a sort of Grand Re-Opening!

Most of you already know who we are, what we do and how we help people with their real estate needs. For those of you that don’t, we are real estate cash buyers with flexible closing options and we take care of all repairs and closing costs. While there are many investors that do exactly what we do, I do feel that we are different. We have a different focus and goal than some and that vision for the future drives our investing.

We want to be a household name!

We want to be known by everyone and have our company name stamped on a skyscraper in New York City!

We want to grow and for a very specific reason…

Our desires are multi-faceted. We want to help as many people as possible, including within real estate and separate from real estate. The basis of our business is to help you get out of unwanted properties, whether it is a distressed property, divorce, foreclosure, you name it. Helping relieve the burden of a stressful property always puts a smile on our face!

Our reasoning for helping people with real estate needs is so that we can give back even more! We want to fund other businesses and non-profit organizations for the betterment of the world. We want to be like the owner of Patagonia writing a $10M check to an environmental protection group. We want to help keep the environment healthy for future generations and setup safe houses and support for adults and children in need. The world needs more giving, and we want to grow so that we can give more and more.

This post is an opportunity to share our newly developed mission and vision statements.

Mission Statement: To facilitate socially responsible real estate transactions worldwide

Vision Statement: To utilize earth’s finite real estate resources for the betterment of mankind and the environment

When we find a house to purchase that needs work, we salvage as much as we can and repurpose it when able. Sometimes that means donating the items removed that still have use or value (i.e. fixtures). One a recent house, we donated 10+ giant trash bags of clothing to a women’s shelter because they were perfectly fine (some brand new with tags still). We also gave tons of stuff away to a flea market seller so that he could repurpose it and find new homes for the items.

We want to waste as little as possible in reduce the environmental impact of our real estate investing as much as possible. That doesn’t mean we always save trees or keep fixtures that work. We are still a business, so we still need to take into account our bottom line and make our investors happy (and we will!). There is a happy medium and we always strive to find the most common ground within a transaction.

So this is who we are at Sonny Side Property Solutions. We refuse to be just a behind-the-scenes investor that you don’t hear much about. We want to be at the forefront of your minds in terms of building communities and creating ecosystems in local economies. Residential redevelopment is more than just flipping a house. It is a commitment and an honor to serve the community.

Contact Us!

We can be reached at (850) 710-0710 or by email at Sonny Side Property Solutions is here to help everyone with their real estate needs, especially homeowners that need help now! We are here to serve the community and provide real estate solutions for any situation and we have a national network of investors and brokers that we work with and can call on at any time.

We can be reached by phone at (850) 710-0710 or by email at

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