Don’t Allow Distractions to Detract You

Don’t Allow Distractions to Detract You

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Don’t Allow Distractions to Detract You

This little post (will see about the ‘little’ once I start typing) is a testament of how terrible distractions can be for you, personally or in business. Every day, we are all exposed to seemingly endless distractions that pray at our attention. It takes a lot of discipline to ignore those distractions and stay focused on the goal in mind. Think about how often you go into a store with an item in mind and leave with much more than that said item, if you remembered it in the first place!

One thing that I am not ashamed to admit is that our road hasn’t been the easiest. We got involved in real estate several years back and have been working in the field ever since. The caveat to that is that with our new goal and mindset, we were almost immediately introduced to other ventures that promised rewards for hard work and helping people. Each had merits and we could see them as worthwhile ventures.

These other ventures (mostly network marketing) promised a lot and with a lot of hard work, they will pay off. The problem is that they will require a lot of hard work to get there, something our real estate business was already demanding! Needless to say, we were involved with several things before we realized that we had too much going on and weren’t progressing with any of our businesses. Our focus wasn’t narrow enough to make an impact on any one field. I would say that we could use the word ‘floundering’ for this time period, even though we were still learning and gaining useful information and experience.

I am going to bring out the former nerd in me for saying this, but here it goes. A video game that I used to play was the original NES Final Fantasy. One of the characters, the Red Mage, was appealing to me because he could do a little of everything (fighting, magic, etc). At first, he was my strongest team member because he could do so much and fill in gaps that the other team members couldn’t. But later on in the game, he became the biggest liability because he wasn’t able to specialize in any one field. His impact was lessened the further he progressed (maybe I didn’t play him correctly…). The same is true for people that take on too many tasks/business, like we did. Those extra businesses distract from the original goal, which is put on hold when such things happen.

With this knowledge, we downsized our entire life and chose real estate as our primary focus and dropped everything else. There is enough opportunity in any one of the businesses we were doing, but we had to choose one area to dedicate our lives to and it became real estate (again). We got refocused!

The distractions weren’t necessarily a bad thing due to them being very good learning events. We gained a lot of insightful information from them and made contacts that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Our real estate business did suffer, but we still forged on ahead with that as our primary from the very beginning, even when we weren’t treating it as such.

What Are Your Distractions?

So there is a little piece of our past and where we came from. We had to learn a lot because we have had to build everything we have from scratch. Nothing was handed to us for free and we take pride in that because we want to help others do what we did, if that is their dream.

Our dream is to empower and help others and to provide as much value as we can to those we encounter! We know that we will be able to help the world more by helping one person after the next. Helping individuals in real estate is the foundation of our business for the purpose of doing some good in this world for future generations. That is what keeps us going and striving for solutions to your real estate needs. We want to help you so that we can continue to help others!

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