CRM and Business Management Software Solutions

CRM and Business Management Software Solutions

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crmCRM and Business Management Software Solutions

The internet is a tool at your disposal and can easily support some, if not all, aspects of a real estate business. Every person in real estate should have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business management system that they use online. What CRM one person uses over another is preferential and they will all have their merits, but they perform similar functions; to help manage business operations.

As much as we dislike the internet and what it does to most people, we love using it as a tool to assist our business. The CRM that we use holds all of our contacts and manages some of our mailing campaigns. We can use it for leads and tie that into our mailing campaigns as well as create our own lists and upload them for the same purpose. For what we do and our focus in real estate, it works well. If we were wholesaling full-time, we would probably use another program with better tracking, but our shift has pushed us past that and into larger projects.

Either way, the CRM should match what you do and what your focus is. And there are certainly ones out there that aren’t tailored to real estate! We have another that we use for marketing our financial education business and it is very different than our real estate CRM. Find one that fits your needs or do some trial runs. If you want to try ours, give us a shout. We can recommend a few that might work for you.

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We can be reached at (850) 710-0710 or by email at Sonny Side Property Solutions is here to help everyone with their real estate needs, especially homeowners that need help now! We are here to serve the community and provide real estate solutions for any situation and we have a national network of investors and brokers that we work with and can call on at any time.

We can be reached by phone at (850) 710-0710 or by email at

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