We Buy Ugly Houses Florida

Posted by blogger // September 30, 2017

we buy ugly houses florida

One thing that we learned rather quickly when getting started in real estate was that phrases like “We buy ugly houses Florida” was something we were going to have to take to heart. All investors like ugly houses! The more work that needs done requires more risk and a longer holding time, but it is […]

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Your Network is Your Net Worth

Posted by Adele Nealon // September 12, 2017

your network is your net worth

We have all heard the saying that your network is your net worth and it can be applied to so many things in life. Others will use the phrase that it isn’t what you know, it is who you know, but it portrays the same concept. I have seen other people get jobs that I […]

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What to Love about Owning in Navarre Florida.

Posted by blogger // August 27, 2017

owning in navarre florida

Did you know that owning in Navarre Florida has some very appealing arguments? Anyone that comes to this area and asks for advice on where to live will inevitably get the answer that Navarre is the place to be. It is hard to deny the argument too. First off, it is Florida. Well, I should […]

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Are you looking for Pensacola Florida houses for sale? Are you a retail buyer or investor?

Posted by Adele Nealon // August 17, 2017

pensacola florida houses for sale

If you are in the market for Pensacola Florida houses for sale, then you have come to the right spot. We are active investors in the Pensacola Florida and surrounding market and buy multiple properties each year all along the panhandle and then sell them to retail customers and investors. Our goal is to ultimately […]

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The Power of Real Estate Conferences and Networking

Posted by blogger // August 14, 2017

Just how powerful are real estate conferences and networking? How do you master a craft? What techniques do you use personally? What techniques can’t you do alone and need to rely on others for? If you are currently or are interested in becoming a real estate investor, then you should consider the power of getting […]

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Are you thinking about getting started in real estate investing? What options are the best fit for you?

Posted by blogger // August 2, 2017

So you are thinking about getting started in real estate investing? Do you find yourself wondering precisely how you are going to become an investor? Have you considered the pros and cons and analyzed the risks yet?   You need to look at your circumstances before you do anything with investing. How much time do […]

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Are you looking for homes for sale in Navarre FL? What are you looking for in your next home?

Posted by blogger // July 24, 2017

homes for sale in navarre fl

Are there still homes for sale in Navarre FL that fit within your budget? Driving 98 has a different feel than it used to just a few years ago, even earlier this year in some ways. One of the recent community developments that happened was the changing of the city sign where you turn to […]

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Are you thinking about selling your house as is? Have you considered the pros and cons of selling your house as is?

Posted by Adele Nealon // July 17, 2017

selling your house as is

If you are on the fence about selling your house as is, then you will need to figure out a few things before you head down that road. There are benefits either way you chose, but what you chose will ultimately be determined by your needs and the condition of the house. There are no […]

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Real Estate Investing Pitfalls – Avoid Beginner’s Mistakes

Posted by Adele Nealon // July 3, 2017

Every day, we see more and more investors getting into real estate and experiencing real estate investing pitfalls. Who can blame them for investing, especially given the potential profits and the popularity of reality TV? When people see a gravy train going by, they want to jump on board! But what you see on the […]

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Private money lenders real estate – Finding and keeping them on your team

Posted by Adele Nealon // June 25, 2017

private money lenders real estate

When we got started in real estate investing, one of our first concerns was about private money lenders real estate. We see it in so many situations where people are looking for money so that they can fund deals, participate in auctions or any other need to boost business. As investors, we may be in […]

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