Real Estate Investing Pitfalls – Avoid Beginner’s Mistakes

Posted by Adele Nealon // July 3, 2017

Every day, we see more and more investors getting into real estate and experiencing real estate investing pitfalls. Who can blame them for investing, especially given the potential profits and the popularity of reality TV? When people see a gravy train going by, they want to jump on board! But what you see on the […]

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Private money lenders real estate – Finding and keeping them on your team

Posted by Adele Nealon // June 25, 2017

private money lenders real estate

When we got started in real estate investing, one of our first concerns was about private money lenders real estate. We see it in so many situations where people are looking for money so that they can fund deals, participate in auctions or any other need to boost business. As investors, we may be in […]

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How to Invest in Today’s Real Estate Market

Posted by blogger // June 17, 2017

How to Invest in Today’s Real Estate Market? Even as current investors, we still ask ourselves how we can better invest in today’s real estate market. Our approach is one of fluidity so that we can adjust what we are doing as a business based on the market trends and the niches that present themselves […]

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People Want Better, But They Don’t Want To Work For It

Posted by Adele Nealon // June 3, 2017

People want better, and who can blame them? We should all want better because that means continual growth and learning. It means that we are reaching to accomplish more, even after accomplishing as much as we have already. I chose this topic today because of something my coworker and teammate said the other day. He […]

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It Takes Money To Make Money – Start Kicking That Snowball

Posted by blogger // May 28, 2017

We are all familiar with the phrase that it takes money to make money. I hear ‘poor’ people say all the time that the rich get richer because they have money, so they can use it (leverage) to make more. They say that they can’t succeed because they have no capital to do so. I […]

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The Power of a Good Network – Utilizing Resources You Didn’t Know You Had

Posted by Adele Nealon // May 12, 2017

Resources might seem scarce at times, but with the power of a good network behind you, we can surpass ourselves and our own weaknesses with ease. With real estate investing, no successful investor is an island. We have teams at our disposal that we know and trust and must rely on those teams in order […]

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How to Find Navarre Houses For Sale – Houses that you can Build to your Needs in Florida

Posted by Adele Nealon // May 6, 2017

Navarre houses for sale, condos for sale, property for sale, etc. Everyone seems to know that Navarre FL is the place to buy beach houses, or at least within a very short drive to the beach. One of my former coworkers took a trip to panhandle FL years ago and swore that she was going […]

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Houses for sale Navarre FL, Are you looking for deals? Have you considered a fixer upper as your dream home?

Posted by Adele Nealon // April 30, 2017

A lot of people are looking at houses for sale Navarre FL. It is no surprise, the area is booming and it is hard to find such a beach community that isn’t overcrowded to the point of mimicking sardines in the ocean (it does get busy though). The white sand beaches that are so accessible […]

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Want to know how to sell my house by owner? That depends on who you are trying to sell to…

Posted by blogger // April 24, 2017

Do you find yourself asking how to sell my house by owner? The steps are actually quite easy and anyone can do it with the right preparation and setup. Anyone looking to sell a house without the help of an agent can do it with just a few simple steps. The lure of saving money […]

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Mindset of Successful People: How Our Mindset Determines Our Success

Posted by Adele Nealon // March 18, 2017

How entrepreneurs are able to surpass others and become successful is through their mindset. They possess and feed their growth mindset. They acknowledge that they don’t know everything and make their life one big learning adventure.

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