We Buy Houses! Florida and Washington State!

Posted by blogger // June 15, 2018

We Buy Houses

Washington State and Florida residents, fret no more! We are Sonny Side Property Solutions and want to buy your house today! We have No Hidden Fees Ever! We buy in Any Location and Any Condition! Most of our focus is Residential or Commercial, but we are also interested in other use zones. We also buy land! If […]

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It’s Time For Flood Insurance! Buy It Before It Is Too Late!

Posted by blogger // June 8, 2018


It’s Time For Flood Insurance! Buy It Before It Is Too Late! Subtropical Storm Alberto has come and past already. Granted, the impact felt in the panhandle of Florida was quite small, but the threat was still a real concern. I remember running north last year from a pretty heavy hurricane and we were lucky […]

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‘Tis The Season to Sell Your Property!

Posted by blogger // June 1, 2018

‘Tis The Season to Sell Your Property! Drive down Highway 98 or any of the major side streets in Navarre and the surrounding area and you will run into A LOT of signs advertising houses for sale! It seems that half of the signs are For Sale By Owner (FSBO), which is a daunting ordeal […]

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We Buy Houses – Any Condition – It’s What We Do!

Posted by blogger // May 25, 2018

we buy houses

We Buy Houses – Any Condition – It’s What We Do! There aren’t very many things that are more frustrating than needing to sell a house fast; at least until you see that sign that says “We Buy Houses”. It is a slogan that we wear proudly because of what we are able to do […]

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Rising Interest Rates and Your Investments – We Can Offer Higher!

Posted by blogger // May 18, 2018

CD Rates

Rising Interest Rates and Your Investments – We Can Offer Higher! Currently, federal funds rate is at 1.75% and Bank of America’s prime rate is 4.75%. While that sounds all warm and cozy when compared to where the US used to be even a few years ago, it really isn’t that much! The Rule of […]

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Sonny Side Property Solutions, LLC – Our Mission and Vision

Posted by blogger // May 11, 2018

Sonny Side Property Solutions, LLC is Navarre’s premier real estate solutions company. Since our inception we have been helping homeowners along with improving communities in each and every city we work in. Through our extensive knowledge of the business, network of resources, and years of expertise, we are able to assist homeowners with a wide […]

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Property Management Navarre FL – The Need of Hiring a Professional

Posted by blogger // May 4, 2018

property management navarre fl

Property Management Navarre FL, The Land of Absentee Owners There is usually a large amount of effort put into finding property management Navarre FL due to (1) the demand of our area and (2) the amount of absentee owners. Part of that large effort is due to searching for a quality property manager, something that […]

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I can’t sell my house – Techniques to use to sell your house faster!

Posted by blogger // April 20, 2018

cant sell house

Holy smokes, I can’t sell my house! All too often, we find homeowners that are having trouble selling their house. This could be the result of so many things, some at the hands of the homeowner and others at the hands of external factors. Sadly, more often times than not, homeowners that are having problems […]

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Is Real Estate for Everyone?

Posted by blogger // April 13, 2018

real estate

Is Real Estate for Everyone? Listening to a speaker recently at the National Real Estate Network’s local 2-hour presentation, we were once again impressed by the power of real estate and what it can do for so many people. As we were sitting there, like the speaker said, we noticed that what he does and […]

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Ugh! Lawyers… Use Your Attorneys!

Posted by blogger // April 6, 2018

Use Your Attorneys!

Ugh! Lawyers… Ask most people and that is the response you will more than likely get when asked about lawyers (attorneys). Most people don’t want to deal with attorneys, but the truth is that they can help you in so many ways! Yes, some are worse than others, but there are certainly some good ones […]

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