Renovations Are Our Pride! Here Is Our Most Recent!

Posted by blogger // July 18, 2019

Renovations are what we do! Stop worrying about repairs! There are many real estate investors in every market it seems and not all of them product the same quality of work. We strive to be the best so that our home buyers find the home of their dreams. That isn’t to say that there aren’t […]

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Cheap Property For Sale In Florida – Is It Still Possible To Find?

Posted by blogger // June 28, 2019

real estate

Cheap Property for Sale in Florida – It Still Exists! With so much attention being directed at Florida at this time of year, it should come as no surprise that finding a cheap property for sale in Florida is quite the task! It seems that every listed property worth buying comes with a small bidding […]

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Rates are dropping!

Posted by blogger // June 21, 2019

Investing in real estate vs stocks

With interest rates dropping, what are you doing to protect your money and/or leverage it? Interest rates drop as a means of spurring buyers into action, and it works! The only issue with rates going down is that savers lose more money. The annual interest on saved money is less than the inflation rate, effectively […]

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Summer Buying Is Here!

Posted by blogger // May 31, 2019

Summer is always a great time to buy a house! It is also a great time to sell! Depending on who you are and what you need in terms of real estate, give us a call if you are doing either one. We actively buy houses that need work, no matter how much. We also […]

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Summer is almost here! Or is it already?

Posted by blogger // May 24, 2019

Selling Your House on Your Own

Summer is almost here! With summer around the corner (already here if you ask me), it is time for more than just the weather to heat up. Homes sell quicker in summer and quality homes seem harder to find! I just looked at some similar properties to ours that is about to hit the market […]

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Do You Know Your Market?

Posted by blogger // May 17, 2019

passive business ideas and how to create residual income

Do You Know Your Market? We would consider ourselves somewhat new to real estate, but don’t let that give you the impression that we don’t know what we are doing! While we may not have decades of experience, what we do have are systems and mentors that we can and do use every day so […]

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Business Goals… You Don’t Have A Business Without Them!

Posted by blogger // May 10, 2019

real estate business

Business Goals… You Don’t Have A Business Without Them! It doesn’t happen very often, but we do occasionally get phone calls from sellers where we aren’t able to help directly as a cash buyer. Usually, it is because it doesn’t make sense for us to purchase it because the property makes more sense to list […]

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Is Your Home An Asset? Is There Value In A Personal Residence?

Posted by blogger // April 26, 2019

we buy houses

Is Your Home An Asset? Is There Value In A Personal Residence? Whether or not you consider your home an asset, there is sometimes a lingering question and curiosity about whether or not it is true. We deal with real estate and assets every day and can easily understand both viewpoints on whether a home […]

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Commercial Loans – The Good and the Bad

Posted by blogger // April 19, 2019


Commercial Loans – The Good and the Bad We have been rocking and rolling in real estate for a few years now and have finally ventured into commercial properties as well as rentals. This has been an exciting adventure and we have yet to find a property that doesn’t teach us something that we didn’t […]

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Good people, I missed my introduction! Who We Are!

Posted by blogger // April 5, 2019

your network is your net worth

Good people, I missed my introduction! It wasn’t long ago that I watched A Knight’s Tale again and it gave me an idea for introducing our business in a new light. Think of it as a sort of Grand Re-Opening! Most of you already know who we are, what we do and how we help […]

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