Avoid Foreclosure Fort Walton Beach FL

Avoid Foreclosure Fort Walton Beach FL

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avoid foreclosure

Avoid Foreclosure Fort Walton Beach FL

Even with the housing market improving and subprime mortgages becoming a memory, there are still many people around the US that are facing foreclosure. Foreclosures are not fun for those going through it and we do see a fair number of them in our local market still. One of our recent phone calls was a homeowner looking for help with a property that was about to fall into the foreclosure process, or pre-foreclosure. He didn’t live there, but the person that was wasn’t paying on the note, forcing him to look for a way to rid himself of the unwanted property. Family drama has put that one on hold for us, but hopefully he is able to work it out and find a solution, even if it isn’t us helping him.

Foreclosure isn’t an isolated, rare occurrence. Investors like us pride ourselves in our abilities to help homeowners such as yourself when such a situation happens. There are instances where we won’t be able to help (yet). We looked at one house that was in foreclosure in Santa Rosa Beach, but it really shouldn’t have been. The owner was renting the 3-story house to three separate people/families. The combined rent should have been more than enough to cover the mortgage, but by our estimation from the amount past due and the note combined, she hadn’t been putting that rent towards the mortgage for quite some time. It wasn’t right and it definitely wasn’t fair for the tenants, but there are landlords out there that do similar things.

Our goal when you contact us in regards to a foreclosure is to help in any way that we can. There are several options available and we can discuss each in person or on the phone, depending on your needs and the situation. Nobody wants a foreclosure on their record, so please give us a call so that we can help you avoid losing your home AND suffering a scar on your credit.

Our goal is simply to help you as the homeowner with whatever trouble you are facing. Another recent phone call that came in is a great example. She wasn’t in foreclosure, but she did owe too much in relation to the After Repair Value (ARV), making it a bad purchase from an investment standpoint. She didn’t want to pay a Realtor a commission to sell the property, but when looking at the deal, the only thing that truly made sense was for her to list the property with a Realtor. It wasn’t in need of repairs, it was 100% financeable and was well below market value, so her solution wasn’t going to come from an investor like us. She need a Realtor and we told her that.

If we aren’t a good fit for you, we will be the first ones to tell you. We can still make an offer on your property, but it probably won’t makes sense from your perspective to accept it unless you truly want to be free of the property quickly without the hassle of Realtors, repairs or hidden fees. There are definitely benefits to working with us, but it does have to make sense for you and us.

Our church pastor says something similar. He says that he doesn’t care if his church or another one is a better fit. He only cares that you find a good one that fits you so that you can do good things for God. The churches and pastors are part of the same team just like us and other real estate professionals are as well. We will find a solutions for you and make it fit your needs! If you need someone outside of our business, we will help you with that too!

So if you are facing foreclosure or have housing problems, give us a call and we can walk you through the process of selling your house and how simple and stress-free it is. We will find the perfect solutions for you and make sure your needs are met above anyone else’s.

Contact Us!

We can be reached at (850) 710-0710 or by email at management@sonnysidepropertysolutions.com. Sonny Side Property Solutions is here to help everyone with their real estate needs, especially homeowners that need help now! We are here to serve the community and provide real estate solutions for any situation and we have a national network of investors and brokers that we work with and can call on at any time.

We can be reached by phone at (850) 710-0710 or by email at management@sonnysidepropertysolutions.com.

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